Gsg firefly problems

Forum Rules. Remember Me? What's New? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Found an easy, quick fix for Sig Mosquito jamming problems! Add Thread to del. Martin Draco. Join Date Oct Posts Found an easy, quick fix for Sig Mosquito jamming problems! I bought a Mosquito the other day and the previous owner told me it will not feed Remington ammo. Within an hour of getting it I confirmed that.

After removing the barrel I figured out that the chamber was on the tight end of tolerances and was going to run a chamber reamer in it but then I decided to try something else first.

I cut a 2"x4" piece of grit emery paper and rolled it up tight.

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I put the rolled up emery paper in the chamber and twisted it in the opposite direction from which it was rolled, so it would expand and polish the chamber wall evenly.

After a few minutes of doing that I gave it a final polishing. For the final polishing I took a 9mm bore mop on a section of cleaning rod, chucked it up in an electric hand drill, put some polishing paste on it and polished up the chamber.

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After that while I had the barrel off I polished the feed ramp with a dremel a buffing compound. I put the gun back together and dug up all kinds of. Even with Remington bulk pack! I hope this helps some Mosquito owners out there. A lot of people that buy these think it's called a Mosquito because it's so annoying. Last edited by Martin Draco; at Send PM.

The "quickest fix" for the one I had was to get rid of it. Opinions very but I would never have another one. Originally Posted by rmoore Originally Posted by Martin Draco. I thought about just using the mini mags but after some Googling I read that some people still had issues.What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Initially I was excited because it seemed like a great pistol. Little did I know after diving in online that the Mosquito is a notoriously ammo picky gun.

My GSG straight out of the box was let's say 'so so'. I had failure to feed, failure to extract, failure to eject, and problem after problem. I was getting kind of frustrated with it to be honest. I ended up taking the gun apart and doing some simple things that I thought would help. Among one of the problems I had was my slide, if you pulled it back slowly and released it slowly it would stick in place. No slide lock, just stuck.

gsg firefly problems

A gentle tap and it would go into battery but it would bind a little. Fix 1 I got a soft buffer wheel and some red rouge and I polished everything in the inside of the bottom of the slide that was making contact. I even buffed the hammer a little bit just to make sure. While I was at it I slightly polished the feed ramp and guide rod. Still no go. It helped substantially but the gun was not reliable. Every mag would have a problem. Fix 2 I got in some good light and slowly cycled the gun with snap caps and I saw what I thought could be a problem.

The bullets in the magazine were held up at such a steep angle it was interfering with other functions of the pistol. What I did is disassemble the mag s and see what if anything I could figure out. What I noticed was the spring in the magazine the bottom of it is flat, but the top of it is angled to mimic the angle of the follower.

I took that spring out and turned it over so that the angle was opposite of the follower.

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The 'tip' of the spring was now putting pressure on the back of the follower instead of on the front of it. When I reloaded that mag and compared it to how they came out of the factory, the factory ones, when loaded the bullets were about 25 or 30 degrees from horizontal.

After my mag spring flip, the bullets sat about 15 to 20 degrees from horizontal. I don't know exactly how many degrees different they were, but the difference was visually noticeable. The fix was in!

I ran 4 or more different kinds of ammo, including a box and a half of CCI subsonic suppressor ammo, 45 grain winchester subsonics, and the dreaded federal blue boxes that it has been absolutely hating. I shot a couple other brands too, and I did it all suppressed.

I went through about or so rounds--all suppressed with almost no or very limited problems. About the only time I had any real problems is when the gun started to get caked up with carbon on the face of the slide. It got so thick in fact that the slide couldn't shut properly.I am a collector as well as an avid shooter.

Every pistol I own has something that makes them unique for me. This uniqueness could be the way it looks, or it could be how it feels in my hand.

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The thing I look most for in a gun other than my home defense or carry guns is how fun they are to shoot. While checking out a few gun retailers on the web to see what is new, I ran across the German Sports Guns Firefly that is imported by American Tactical Imports. I liked the way it looked. I kept browsing, but I always ended back at the Firefly.

Sig Sauer Mosquito

The GSG Firefly pistol is a full size. If you are familiar with the Sig Sauer Mosquito, then you already know the Firefly. You would know it because Sig did not make the Mosquito. It feels more substantial than most rimfire pistols such as the Walther P22 or the Ruger SR22so it makes a good trainer for handling the bigger centerfire pistols. I do like the look and feel of the gun. The Firefly comes with an ambidextrous thumb safety as well as a de-cocker.

GSG also added adjustable rear sights to the gun which allows the shooter to make this pistol very accurate. While shooting, I found that I didn't need to adjust the sights at all.

The gun was a tack driver. The frame of the handgun is made of polymer with a front rail that allows the end user to connect different accessories such as a rail mountable flashlight or a laser.

The GSG Firefly comes with a 10 round magazine. Since this is a rebranding of the Sig Mosquito, those magazines will also work in this gun. I would have liked to see the Firefly come with two magazines like some of the other. This gun weighs around seven more ounces than the Ruger SR22, and nine more ounces than the Walther P When holding the Firefly, it feels more like a 9mm than a. The trigger pull weight is incredibly heavy at 14 pounds in double action and 7 pounds when using the pistol in single action.

The trigger reset is very long. This long reset affected the speed at to which I could put shots on the target.This is one of those tidbits of news that seemed to fall through the cracks, but might interest some folks.

My guess is that SIG recognized past issues with the Mosquito and decided to terminate the contract. It will be interesting to see how this turn of events impacts the aforementioned, and relatively well regarded If GSG can turn out a reliable product with the Firefly, it might be a decent option for younger and smaller-framed shooters. See the full GSG press release below.

Jeremy Mallette is co-founder of International Sportsman, and an avid hunter and outdoorsman. His father taught him to shoot at age six, and he received his first firearm at age eight — a Colt Commando. Jeremy enjoys collecting unique firearms, and shooting them.

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GSG Statement. Jeremy Mallette. Mauser M18 Sponsored Learn More. Create an account Be part of the International Sportsman community. Please fill all of the fields correctly before continuing. We'll send you a personalized email containing articles in the categories you've chosen. Activate Your Account.Discussion in ' Rimfire ' started by EjmorrisonOct 4, Ammo for GSG firefly? Oct 4, 1. Hi everyone. Unless I use cci or Remington thunderbolt ammo. Anybody else notice this problem?

Other than that, I absolutely love the gun. Dec 19, 2. I have one too. Although I've only shot it once, I used CCI and Aquila high speeds and didn't have any problems after the first 50 rounds. Sort of a break in period. I also bought some new, old stock SIG Mosquito magazines and they worked fine.

Don't know exactly why yours would jam at the end of the magazine. Not much help but at least we both have nice shooting guns.

GSG Firefly pistol: a Mosquito reborn

Dec 19, 3. It's a 2 piece design and at least on mine it was not very refined.

gsg firefly problems

I ground it and polished it up and now I can shoot most brands through it. I shot about rounds of Remington golden bullet value pack through it and it didn't jam once.

Whereas before it would almost always jam with those. Dec 19, 4. I really like the mosquito, but have read about too many problems with them Curious to hear how these work out for you guys when you put some rounds thru them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. Dec 19, 5.But first, a double history lesson! After the handgun ban, the new law decreed that the shortest Section 1 firearm you could own was restricted by several factors. If it was a self-loading pistol, it could only be chambered in 22 Long Rifle, a long barrelled revolver LBR however, could be in either 22 or centrefires like Magnum etc.

Despite making for a very un-handgun likr gun; to my pre-ban eyes, LBPs still offered a working pistol. So much so, that they decided to make a 22 Long Rifle version for cross training, or for the pleasure of owning a rimfire copy. Good news, as Edgar Brothers Ltd. So, this new model is going to cause a lot of excitement amongst the community. He has also managed to get sponsorship from Edgars and now his crew all have FireFlys.

Eddie has penned a few words on what they think of the pistol from a competitive view point at the end of this article.

The original is a nice piece, with a well-shaped grip and well positioned controls and the FireFly is no different. However, the grip frame is now polymer and shows an integral Picatinny rail underneath, with an integral alloy mounting block for the mandatory butt extension coat hanger. From the box, it comes with 1 x round magazine, two recoil springs, which allow you to balance light and heavy loads, two extra front sight blades and a tool. A dummy plastic 22 LR cartridge is also included, which is good for dry practice.

An integral locking system is also incorporated. The magazine fills easily, as it has a side button to aid the operation and fits securely into the grip.

Once in, pull back and release the slide and the first round is chambered and the hammer cocked. From here, you must trigger cock the first shot, which is not as accurate. In this SAFE mode, the trigger is still fully functional. However, with the mag removed, the hammer does not function.

gsg firefly problems

After the last round has fired, the slide will automatically lock open; from here, dump the empty and reload, then press down on the slide release to chamber the first round. In locked position the slot runs parallel with the bore, and when unlocked, it points across.

However, the chances are you are going to have to zero, so proceed as follows: REAR — with a small screwdriver, you can adjust for windage by the slot headed screw on the right side of the block. FRONT - the sight clips in on the inside of the slide and is a bit stiff to disengage, a small screwdriver helps.

GSG say the shortest will raise it by 7. Zeroing is best accomplished from a supported position, as handguns are probably the hardest firearm to shoot accurately. And even when sorted, you need constant practice to master the trigger, sight alignment and release. Over a two day period I put around rounds through it without cleaning and it was fine. Pull the slide back and lift it up so it disengages with the rails and lift it forward over the barrel; note that as it clears the spring and guide rod will come out too.

Re-assemble in reverse order, ensuring the base of the guide rod enters the socket under the barrel and the spring sits into the nose of the forend cap. I did find that the stripping catch very firm to rotate.

Sig Mosquito Fixes & Prices

I ran the gun on the standard unit that comes fitted with no problems. One thing I think is missing is a spare mag, as from the box one is not enough, I know you can buy spares but it would be a nice feature. On that point, the magazines fall free when ejected and even though the rear of the well incorporates the alloy block for the coat hanger I found changes fast and instinctive.We use cookies on this website, our and third parties, to enhance your user experience.

By clicking anywhere on the page, or scrolling down the content you can temporarily hide this banner. By clicking the "OK" button, you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. The launch of the GSG Firefly marks the return of a design that has so far established itself as a popular household name among sport shooters and civilian gun owners at large looking for an afforable. Additionally, the GSG Firefly comes with a magazine safety system that prevents the slide, hammer and trigger from being operated when the magazine is out.

The GSG Firefly semi-automatic pistol is available in matte black, olive drab green, and desert tan variants - all with adjustable sights.

Skip to main content. About us Contact Archive. Prev article. GSG Firefly pistol: a Mosquito reborn. Read so far. The German Sport Guns company introduces the Firefly pistol, a familiar design to sport shooters. The single stack magazine of the GSG Firefly holds up to ten rounds of. German Sport Guns. Semiautomatic Pistols. Sport Shooting. Target Shooting. Shooting Training. Contact Privacy Policy Cookies.

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